Gotta Do It! Give Your Child the Confidence to Succeed

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Utah Karate Institute
2440 East 6600 South
Behind Pitchers Sport, Hwy 89
Uintah, UT 84405
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It’s amazing what children can achieve when they have self confidence. Part of developing that self confidence comes from learning to control themselves, their emotions, and from doing things they never thought they could. It’s this kind of self confidence that learning karate can build in your child.

* Safety is our number one concern.
* Your child will learn that the Martial Arts is not an offensive, rather a defensive method of protection against threatening or dangerous situations.
* We maintain a postive environment that makes learning fun, and kids love it!

Call or e-mail us for class times and availability.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in class!

Pricing and Available Programs

Each location is individually operated. Prices and participation in these programs may vary slightly.
Please check for specific pricing and program availability in your location.

New Students
*Enrollment Fee
*Monthly Tuition

There is a first time enrollment fee and tuition is charged monthly.

Inactive Students
*Reinstatement Fee
*Brown Belts & Above: Reinstatement fee and approved reinstatement application

There is a minimal reinstatement fee for inactive students to resume classes.

Black Belt Club Membership
*One time acceptance fee
Benefits include discounts on martial arts purchases, belt exams, including materials needed for exams, and special classes. Only dedicated students, green belt and above can be recommended for the Black Belt Club.

Leadership Team
Students that have achieved brown belt and earned the title of "Instructor" will be working on their leadership qualities that are required for continued belt advancement and certification. Only the best are selected for the Leadership Team. All red belts should be on the Leadership Team for six months before testing for Black Belt.

Black Belt Membership Fee
*Month to Month Tuition (Instructional fee available)
*Six Months with EFT (Instructional fee available)

Black Belt tuition may vary based upon several factors. There is an incentive program for motivated instructors to receive discounts on black belt tuition. Using EFT also provides a discount.


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