Shin-Toshi Karate and It's Evolution:

Mickey FisherMickey Fisher has the distinction of introducing America's first martial art, Shin-Toshi Karate in 1963. Prior to founding this new style, Mickey Fisher had trained in Chung Do Kwan, Shorin-Ryu Karate, Chinese Kenpo, Tang Soo Do, and Kung-Fu.

Incorporating aspects from each of these styles, Shin-toshi techniques include the strong kicks of Korea, the rapid and exacting movements of Japan, and the fluidity of Chinese styles. A typical Shin-Toshi technique is a powerful sidekick which utilizes full extension of the hip and strikes with the heel, yet does not waste excess time and motion on the fold. Snapping backfists and swift front and spinning kicks give the style its share of Japanese influence. Evasive circular blocks and graceful crane stances are also part of the style.

Mickey Fisher, and the current practitioners of Shin-Toshi Karate, feel that "there is actually no excuse for shunning all techniques from other styles and/or believing that one's own art is superior in every aspect to all others. Such a philosophy is both unfair & ignorant and is in fact not as 'traditional' as some may believe." The Shaolin monks, forefathers of many present day Asian martial arts, were continually willing to accept new techniques & philosophies which might benefit them. It was only because of people's prejudice and ignorance that an unwillingness to recognize other ways developed in the martial arts.

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Karate Shin-Toshi Schools:

There are many karate schools associated with Karate Shin-Toshi. All of our schools under the Shin-Toshi © Trade Mark promote high standards and follow the orginal teachings of Shin-Toshi Karate under the direction of the Headquarters. To learn more about some of our exceptional system, follow the associated link to the Utah Karate Institute school website below:


Shin-Toshi Beginnings:

We are compiling some pictures and memorabilia from the beginnings of Shin-Toshi Karate.
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  • Senior Instructor's Biographies:

    There are many talented martial artists practicing the art of Shin-Toshi Karate. The demanding nature of the style itself insures that those who attain the rank of Black Belt are superb martial artists. Many of our best students enjoy the art so much that they become instructors and continue to teach Shin-Toshi Karate to new students.

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